The term M-STrIPES is sometime seen in the news in the context of (a) Captive breeding of Wild Fauna (b) Maintenance of Tiger Reserves (c) Indigenous Satellite Navigation System (d) Security of National Highways

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Answer (b)

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), which has been upgrading monitoring mechanism for the large cats, brought in field officials and technical staff of 11 tiger reserves (TRs) of the country to Baripada to introduce them to Monitoring System for Tiger-Intensive Protection and Ecological Status, known as M-STrIPES. The android-based monitoring software M-STrIPES will be used across all the TRs of the country.

MSTrIPES - Monitoring system for Tigers – Intensive Protection and Ecological Status The system consists of two components a) field based protocols for patrolling, law enforcement, recording wildlife crimes and ecological monitoring, and b) a customized software for storage, retrieval, analysis and reporting. Currently law enforcement and ecological monitoring are being done, but the information generated is ad hoc and rarely available in a format for informed decision making. The “MSTrIPES” addresses this void and is a tool for adaptive management. The system uses a holistic approach by integrating ecological insights obtained through the standardized tiger, prey, and habitat assessment protocols (Phase I) to guide protection and management. It enables managers to assess intensity and spatial coverage of patrols in a GIS based tool. The system performs statistical computations of occupancy, precision, sample size, and assesses trends over desired time and spatial scales for tigers, other carnivores, prey populations, human impacts, illegal activities, and law's  enforcement investments. MSTrIPES produces easily interpretable reports and maps that are useful for management and policy decisions. If implemented as designed, the system reduces the response time to detrimental events like poaching or habitat degradation and becomes a comprehensiveness tool to keep the pulse of a tiger reserve.



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