Oxide of which of the following will turn red litmus blue? Options: 1) Magnesium 2) Phosphorus 3) Sulphur 4) Carbon


Vidyalakshmi Loan Scheme

Ministry of HRD has decided to launch a new scheme named as Vidyalakshmi to assist IIT students ingetting loans to pay the fee.Under the Vidyalakshmi scheme, the Ministry will help students in getting interest free loans from thebanks to pay their fee. The ministry has taken int...Read more

Mission Bhagiratha in Telangana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a massive 40,000-crore Telangana state water grid‘Mission Bhagiratha’, during his maiden visit to Telangana. Mission Bhageeratha is the brain child ofTelangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao to provide safe drinking water throu...Read more

Smart Ganga City

Union Ministers M Venkaiah Naidu and Uma Bharti today jointly launched 'Smart Ganga City'programme in 10 cities located along Ganga to set up Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and improvedrainage network there on hybrid annuity mode on public private partnership basis.Union...Read more