What is the unit of resistance? ितरोध को मापनेकी इकाई ा है? Options: 1) ohm ओ 2) farad फै रड 3) henry हेनरी 4) weber वेबर


PAHAL-Direct Benefits Transfer for LPG (DBTL) Consumers Scheme

Launched: 01 January 2015Main Objective: To send the subsidy money of LPG cylinders directly into the bank accounts of theconsumers and increase efficiency & transparency in the whole system.Under the scheme, the LPG consumer can now receive subsidy in his b...Read more

Rashtriya Gokul Mission

Launched: 16 December 2014Main Objective: To conserve and develop indigenous bovine breeds.Rashtriya Gokul Mission aims to conserve and develop indigenous breeds in a focused and scientificmanner. It is a focussed project under National Programme for Bovine Bree...Read more

National Sports Talent Search Scheme (NSTSS)

Launched: 20 February 2015Main Objective: To Identify sporting talent among students in the age group of 8–12 years.The scheme is being implemented by the Sports Authority of India (SAI), under the Ministry of YouthAffairs & Sports for spotting talente...Read more