'Neo-Malthusian Theory' is associated with which of the following? 'नव-मथसयन ू सांत' ननलखत मसेकससेसंबंधत है? Options: 1) Employment रोज़गार 2) Poverty गरबी 3) Resource scarcity संसाधन क कमी 4) Income आय

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Correct Answer: Resource scarcity

The neo-Malthusian movement therefore was different from conventional Malthusian position on two counts: it stressed on birth control methods and also identified the working class with the problem of overpopulation. The overcrowded industrial slums were identified as sites of moral degeneration.

This diverted the debate on population from issues of poverty and unequal access to resources, to birth control per se. In fact, the assumption was that access to commons or availability of resources would give the poor little reason to abstain from having more children. Neo- Malthusianism thereby reinforced the ideology of private property, individualism and capitalism. The neo-Malthusian position found favour with the elite sentiments on the issue of overpopulation. The elite, threatened by the growing numbers of commoners, considered birth control as an important means of checking future conflict over their property.

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