Google Maps to help you navigate Delhi Metro.

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Planning to travel by Delhi Metro but don't know which route to take? Google Maps can now help you out. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has partnered with Google Maps to provide commuters information about different lines, routes, fare, travel time and even the platform number on which your train would arrive. “The integration with Google will be beneficial to both new and existing commuters. Delhi Metro has launched several such initiatives in the recent past to help commuters manage their travel time and make more informed transport decisions,“ a DMRC spokesperson said. “Transit details for metro trains would also be available on mobile devices with Google Maps, so commuters can check available schedules to make route changes on-the-go and plan their trips accordingly,“ he added. As Google Maps provides integrated services like local information, driving directions for commuters with feature like transit, Delhi metro commuters can choose the `public transport' option to look for the shortest route to travel from one point to another. “The user will now see an option to open Delhi Metro's schematic maps, which will give them a quick way to find their way around their city in addition to the powerful route finding Google Maps offers today. The user can also find relevant info about various metro routes, platform and fare details,“ said the spokesperson. “In the next stage of this collaboration, Delhi Metro further plans to integrate facilities available at the station such as parking, restrooms etc,“ the spokesperson added.

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