Who is the author of the book titled 'Selection Day'? 'सेलेशन डे' नामक कताब के लेखक/लेखका कौन है? Options: 1) Aravind Adiga अरव ंद अडगा 2) Anil Menon अनल मेनन 3) Krishna Sobti कृणा सोबती 4) Arunava Sinha अणव स ंहा

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Correct Answer: Aravind AdigaIn Aravind Adiga's exuberant and incisive novel Selection Day, Manju and his brother Radha enter "the filtration system that sucks in strong wrists, quick reflexes, and supple limbs from every part of the city, channels them through school teams, club championships, and friendly matches for years and years, and then one sudden morning pours them out onto an open field where two or maybe three new players will be picked for the Mumbai Ranji Trophy team."

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Thaawarchand Gehlot has launched an exclusive job portal for_________. a) SC b) OBC c) Persons with disabilities d) ST

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Digital India

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Who administers the oath of the President of India? भारत के रापत के पद के लए कौन शपथ दलाता है? Options: 1) Governor General of India भारत के गवनर जनरल 2) Chief Justice of India भारत के मयु यायाधीश 3) Prime Minister of India भारत के धानमंी 4) Vice President of India भारत के उपरापत

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Rukmini Devi Arundale was a reputed dancer and choreographer in which form of dancing? Options: 1) Opera 2) Lavani 3) Bharatnatyam 4) Dandiya

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The Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDS) has been launched under New Economy Development Policy (NEDP) on January 19, 2017 at _____. नई अथयवथा वकास नीत (एन. ई. डी. पी.) के अंतगत 19 जनवर 2017 को _____ मउमता वकास योजना (ई.डी.एस.) का शभआरंभ ु कया गया है। Options: 1) New Delhi नई दल 2) Mizoram मजोरम 3) Gujrat गुजरात 4) Uttar Pradesh उतर देश

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In Indian constitution, the method of election of President has been taken from which country? भारतीय संवधान मरापत के चुनाव क णाली कस देश सेली गई है? Options: 1) Britain टेन 2) USA संयु राय अमेरीका 3) Ireland आयरलड 4) Australia ऑेलया

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How many times a person can be elected as the President of India? कोई यित भारत केरापत केपद पर कतनी बार चना ु जा सकता है? Options: 1) One time एक बार 2) Two times दो बार 3) Three times तीन बार 4) No bar कोई सीमा नहं

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Night Blindness is caused by deficiency of which of the following Vitamin? ननलखत मसेकस वटामन क कमी केकारण रतधी होती है? Options: 1) Vitamin B वटामन बी 2) Vitamin C वटामन सी 3) Vitamin K वटामन के 4) Vitamin A वटामन ऐ

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Digital technology a great leveller, says Modi at cyber conference

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30 Trains Delayed, 6 Cancelled Due To Low Visibility In Delhi

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