The statement (-, p)=>(-, q) is logically equivalent to which of the statements below?

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Answer D 

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Six people are seated around a circular table. There are at least two men and two women. There are at least three right-handed persons. Every woman has a left-handed person to her immediate right. None of the women are right-handed. The number of women at the table is A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. Can not be determined

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What is the SI unit of temperature? तापमान का एस. आई. माक ा है? Options: 1) Kelvin कै न 2) Joule जूल 3) Celsius सैयस 4) Fahrenheit फ़ारेनहाइट

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Shame Is Lame

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Fitch lowers India's growth forecast to 6.9% for FY18

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How many players are there in a water polo team? जल चौगन (पोलो) की एक टीम मिकतनेखलाड़ी होतेह? Options: 1) 6 2) 5 3) 7 4) 8

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In which market form, a market or an industry is dominated by a single seller? कस कार क बाजार वथा म, बाजार अथवा उोग पर एक ही वेता का वचव होता है? Options: 1) Oligopoly अपाधकार 2) Monopoly एकाधकार 3) Duopoly याधकार 4) Monopolistic Competition एकाधकार तयोगता

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The interim report on a new constitution should set off an informed debate in Sri Lanka

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Which of the following rate is charged by banks to their most credit worthy customers? िनिलखत मसेकौन सी दर बको ारा ऋण के िलए अपनेसबसेयो ाहकों सेवसूली जाती ह? Options: 1) Prime Lending Rate ूनतम उधार दर 2) Statutory Liquidity Rate सांिविधक तरलता दर 3) Bank Rate बक दर 4) Repo Rate पुनखरीद दर

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'Ace Against Odds' is an autobiography of which sports person? 'ऐस अगेट ऑज़' कस खलाड़ी क आमकथा है? Options: 1) Vishwanathan Anand ववनाथन आनंद 2) Sania Mirza सानया मज़ा 3) Abhinav Bindra अभनव ब ंा 4) Anjali Bhagwat अंजल भागवत

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Albert Sabin is known for developing _____. अबटसाबन को _____ वकसत करनेके लए जाना जाता है। Options: 1) smallpox vaccine चेचक का टका 2) polio vaccine पोलयो का टका 3) penicillin पेनसलन 4) hepatitis B vaccine हेपेटाइटस बी का टका

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Flipkart Sale Day 2 Deals: Offers on iPhone 7, Pixel 2, Surface Pro 4, LED TVs, and More

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Honor 9 Lite with 5.65″ 18:9 display & Android Oreo 8.0 coming to India for Rs. 10,999 ($172)

After redmi, Honor will try to capture international, include Indian mobile market. it's launch Honor 9 lite with very affordable price and getting comes more features only on #Flipkart.

The Honor 9 Lite debuted in China last month, and at the time, the ...Read more