The n-bit fixed-point representation of an unsigned real number X uses fbits for the fraction part. Let i = n — f. The range of decimal values for X in this representation is.

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Answer D

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In which market form, a market or an industry is dominated by a single seller? कस कार क बाजार वथा म, बाजार अथवा उोग पर एक ही वेता का वचव होता है? Options: 1) Oligopoly अपाधकार 2) Monopoly एकाधकार 3) Duopoly याधकार 4) Monopolistic Competition एकाधकार तयोगता

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The interim report on a new constitution should set off an informed debate in Sri Lanka

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Which of the following rate is charged by banks to their most credit worthy customers? िनिलखत मसेकौन सी दर बको ारा ऋण के िलए अपनेसबसेयो ाहकों सेवसूली जाती ह? Options: 1) Prime Lending Rate ूनतम उधार दर 2) Statutory Liquidity Rate सांिविधक तरलता दर 3) Bank Rate बक दर 4) Repo Rate पुनखरीद दर

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'Ace Against Odds' is an autobiography of which sports person? 'ऐस अगेट ऑज़' कस खलाड़ी क आमकथा है? Options: 1) Vishwanathan Anand ववनाथन आनंद 2) Sania Mirza सानया मज़ा 3) Abhinav Bindra अभनव ब ंा 4) Anjali Bhagwat अंजल भागवत

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Albert Sabin is known for developing _____. अबटसाबन को _____ वकसत करनेके लए जाना जाता है। Options: 1) smallpox vaccine चेचक का टका 2) polio vaccine पोलयो का टका 3) penicillin पेनसलन 4) hepatitis B vaccine हेपेटाइटस बी का टका

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Saudi Arabia to join CPEC: Envoy

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Database of savings schemes linked with Aadhaar in offing

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Which blood group is universal donor? कौन सा रसमूह सवदाता कहलाता है? Options: 1) O+ 2) O– 3) AB– 4) AB+

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Who was the winner of 2017 Australian Grand Prix? 2017 ऑेिलयन ांड ी का िवजेता कौन था? Options: 1) Sebastian Vettel सेबेयन वेटल 2) Lewis Hamilton लुईस हैिमन 3) Valtteri Bottas वाेरी बोतास 4) Kimi Raikkonen िकमी राइकोनेन

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Which of the following Article/Articles cannot be suspended even during emergency? िनिलखत मसेिकस/िकन अनुे द/अनुे दों को आपातकाल के दौरान थिगत नही ंिकया जा सकता? Options: 1) Article 19 अनुे द 19 2) Article 20 and 21 अनुे द 20 तथा 21 3) Article 22 and 23 अनुे द 22 तथा 23 4) Article 24 and 25 अनुे द 24 तथा 25

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Flipkart Sale Day 2 Deals: Offers on iPhone 7, Pixel 2, Surface Pro 4, LED TVs, and More

The Flipkart Republic Day Sale has entered its second day, with deals and offers on all major product categories on the platform, from mobile phones to fashion and from laptops and TVs to home furnishings. ...Read more

Honor 9 Lite with 5.65″ 18:9 display & Android Oreo 8.0 coming to India for Rs. 10,999 ($172)

After redmi, Honor will try to capture international, include Indian mobile market. it's launch Honor 9 lite with very affordable price and getting comes more features only on #Flipkart.

The Honor 9 Lite debuted in China last month, and at the time, the ...Read more