A Protocol to amend the existing Double Taxation Avoidance Convention was signed by the Government of India and the Government of ________. a) Armenia b) Argentina c) USA d) France

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Answer Armenia

The original Double Taxation Avoidance Convention between India and Armenia has been in existence since September 2004.

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Delhi nursery admissions begin today, no upper age limit this year

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In India, if a species of tortoise is declared protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife (Protection), Act, 1972, what does it imply? (a) It enjoys the same level of protection as the tiger. (b) It no longer exists in the wild, a few individuals are under captive protection; and now it is impossible to prevent its extinction. (c) It is endemic to a particular region of India. (d) Both (b) and (c) stated above are correct in this context.

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'Hunar Haat' an exhibition to exhibit and promote the arts and artisans from minority community was launched at which of the following events? अपसंयक समुदाय क कला तथा शपकार को ोसाहन देनेके लए 'नर हाट' दशनी ननलखत मसेकसमकायम मआरंभ क गया था? Options: 1) Pushkar Fair, 2016 पुकर मेला, 2016 2) IITF, New Delhi, 2016 IITF, नई दली, 2016 3) Suraj Kund Craft Mela, 2017 सूरजकुं ड हतशप मेला, 2017 4) Kumbh Mela, 2015 कु भ मेला, 2015

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Who raised the slogan “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”? “ वराज मेरा जमस अधकार हैऔर मइसेलेकर रँगा” नारा कसनेदया था? Options: 1) Mahatma Gandhi महामा गाँधी 2) Subhash Chandra Bose सुभाष चं बोस 3) Bal Gangadhar Tilak बाल गंगाधर तलक 4) Lala Lajpat Rai लाला लाजपत राय

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Which among the following is also called as 'power house of the cell'? िननिलिखत मसेिकसको 'कोिशका का शितगहृ ' भी कहा जाता है? Options: 1) Plastids लवक 2) Mitochondria सतूरकिणका ् 3) Golgi bodies गॉजीकाय 4) Cell wall कोिशका िभि

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Plant tissues are of how many types? पौध केऊतक कतनेकार केहोतेह? Options: 1) 3 2) 2 3) 5 4) 6

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Which of the following micro-organism causes diseases like polio and chicken pox? िनिलखत मसेकौन सेसूजीवी पोिलयो तथा चेचक (िचकन पॉ) जैसी गंभीर िबमारयों के कारण है? Options: 1) Bacteria बैीरया 2) Protozoa ोटोजोआ 3) Algae शैवाल 4) Virus िवषाणु

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Who invented bluetooth? Options: 1) Kirkpatrick Macmillan 2) Benjamin Franklin 3) Dr. Jaap Haartsen 4) Charles Babbage

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'Queensbury rules' is code of rules that directly influences which of the following sport? 'वीसबर नयम' एक नयमसंह हैजो ननलखत मसेकस खेल पर सीधा भाव डालता है? Options: 1) Tennis टेनस 2) Boxing मुकेबाज़ी 3) Polo पोलो 4) Billiards बलयड

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Which country has approved more than 500 new settler homes in East Jerusalem? कस देश नेपव ू येशलम म 500 सेअधक आबादकार घर क अनमत ु द है? Options: 1) USA संयतु राय अमेरका 2) UAE संयतु अरब अमीरात 3) Israel इाएल 4) United Kingdom यनाइटेड ू कंगडम

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Ratan Tata backs start-up________. a) PepperTap b) Teatreat c) Teabox d) None

Answer: Teabox.Teabox. Teabox, the global speciality tea company, is the latest to received funding from Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons. This is the fourth start-up in 2016 to receive the attention of Tata. As with Tata’s invest...Read more

________has created a new task force with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and his counterpart at the Reserve Bank of India. a) AIIB b) World Economic Forum c) Bricks d) None

Answer: World Economic ForumWorld Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has created a new task force with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and his counterpart at the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, to study the future of the g...Read more