Who among the following is a Sanjay Chopra Award recipient for 2016? ननलखत मसेकौन 2016 के संजय चोपड़ा परकार ु ातकताहै? Options: 1) Abhinash Mishra अभनाश मा 2) Arjun Singh अजुन स ंह 3) Aromal SM अरोमल एस एम 4) Srawanand Saha सवानद साहा

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Correct Answer: Arjun Singh

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Computers were invented for performing only high-end useful computations. However, it is no understatement that they have taken over our world today. The internet, for example, is ubiquitous. Many believe that the internet itself is an unintended consequence of the original invention. With the advent of mobile computing on our phones, a whole new dimension is now enabled. One is left wondering if all these developments are good or, more importantly, required. Which of the statement(s) below is/are logically valid and can be inferred from the above paragraph? (i) The author believes that computers are not good for us. (ii) Mobile computers and the internet are both intended inventions. options: A) (i) only B) (ii) only C) both (i) and (ii) D) neither (i) nor (ii)

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In which graphics, digital photos and scanned images are typically stored with extensions such as.bmp, .png, .jpg, .tif or.gif? कस ाफस मडिजटल फोटो तथा कै न क गई छवय को .bmp, .png, .jpg, .tif or.gif जैसेसार या एसटशन के साथ आम तौर पर संहत कया जाता है? Options: 1) Bitmap बटमैप 2) Pixels पसस 3) Plane लेन 4) Both Bitmap and Pixels बटमैप तथा पसस दोन

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Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana

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Vidyalakshmi Loan Scheme

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Who won Olympic quota? a)Apurvi Jhansi b)Heena Sidhu c)Karan Thakoor d)Jaspal Rana

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Process of gaining electrons is known as _____. इलेॉन को ात करनेक या को _____ कहतेहै। Options: 1) oxidation ऑसीकरण 2) reduction अपचयन 3) radiation वकरण 4) both oxidation and reduction ऑसीकरण तथा अपचयन दोन

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Who appoints Governor of a state in India? भारत मराय केरायपाल क नयु कौन करता है? Options: 1) Prime Minister of India भारत केधानमंी 2) Council of Minister मंी परषद् 3) Judge of Supreme Court सवच यायालय का यायाधीश 4) President of India भारत केरापत

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'Hunar Haat' to showcase traditional crafts of minority communities

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Who gave the 'General Equilibrium Theory'? 'सामाय संतलनु सांत' कसनेतपादत कया था? Options: 1) J. M. Keynes जे. एम. कस 2) Leon Walras लऑन वालरस 3) David Ricardo डेवड रकाड 4) Adam Smith एडम िमथ

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The interim report on a new constitution should set off an informed debate in Sri Lanka

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Which of the following is an Inert Gas? िनिलखत मसेकौन सी एक िनय गैस है? Options: 1) Hydrogen हाइड ोजन 2) Nitrogen नाइट ोजन 3) Oxygen ऑीजन 4) Argon आगन

Correct Answer: ArgonThe term inert gas is context-dependent because several of the noble gases can be made to react under certain conditions. Purified argon and nitrogen gases are most commonly used as inert ...Read more

Which among the following is a 'Modifier key'? िनिलखत मसेकौन सा एक 'संशोधक बटन (मॉिडफायर की)' है? Options: 1) Control क ोल 2) Shift िश 3) Alt आ 4) All options are correct

Correct Answer: All options are correctOn an IBM compatible computer, modifier keys include Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and the Windows key. On the Apple Macintosh computer, the Control, Option, Command, and Shift ke...Read more

What is the SI unit of frequency? आवृि का एस. आई. माक ा है? Options: 1) Newton ूटन 2) Watt वॉट 3) Farad फै रड 4) Hertz हट्ज़

Correct Answer: HertzThe SI unit of frequency is the hertz (Hz), named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz; one hertz means that an event repeats once per second. A previous name for this uni...Read more