Which among the following is/are female hormones? (i) Estrogen (ii) Progesterone (iii) Testosterone िनिलखत मसेकौन सा/कौन सेहॉमन योंमपाया/पायेजाता/जातेहै/ह? (i) ए ोजन (ii) ोजेेरोन (iii) टेोेरोन Options: 1) (i) and (iii) (i) तथा (iii) 2) (i) and (ii) (i) तथा (ii) 3) (ii) and (iii) (ii) तथा (iii) 4) Only (iii) के वल (iii)


Who discovered bacteria? जीवाणुक खोज कसनेक थी? Options: 1) Antonie Ven Leeuwenhoek एंटोनी वॉन यूवेहॉक 2) Robert Brown रॉबटाउन 3) Robert Hook रॉबटक 4) Robert Koch रॉबटकोच

Correct Answer: Antonie Ven LeeuwenhoekVan Leeuwenhoek discovered "protozoa" - the single-celled organisms and he called them "animalcules". He also improved the microscope and laid foundation for microbiology. He is often cited as the first microb...Read more

What is the other name of Sahyadri Range? सहया पवत ृंखला का अय नाम या है? Options: 1) Lesser Himalayas मय हमालय 2) Shivaliks शवालक 3) Western Ghats पमी घाट 4) Eastern Ghats पूव घाट

Correct Answer: Western GhatsWestern Ghats is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian ... Other rock types found are charnockites, granite gneiss, khondalites, leptynites, metamorphic ... The range is k...Read more