"Dulari Kanya", a scheme to bring down infant mortality in the state is launched by which Indian State? राय मशशुमृयुदर मकमी लानेकेलए 'दलार ु कया' योजना कस राय नेशुक है? Options: 1) Arunachal Pradesh अणाचल देश 2) Rajasthan राजथान 3) Uttar Pradesh उतर देश 4) Madhya Pradesh मय देश


Masai is a tribe of which of the following country? मसाई िन मसेिकस देश की जनजाित है? Options: 1) Kenya के ा 2) Germany जमनी 3) Australia ऑेिलया 4) India भारत

Correct Answer: KenyaThe Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. ... ManyMaasai tribes throughout Tanzania and Kenya welcome visits to their .... have demanded grazing rights to many of the national parks in both&nb...Read more

Who wrote 'Nyaya Sutra'? 'ायसू' िकसनेिलखी? Options: 1) Vyasa ास 2) Gautam गौतम 3) Kapila किपल 4) Charaka चरक

Correct Answer: GautamThe Nyaya-sutras is attributed to Gautama, who was at least theprincipal author. According to Karl Potter, this name has been very common Indian name, and the author is also reverentially referred to as Gotama...Read more