Who amidst the following is a distinguished painter? ननलखत मसेकौन एक वशट चकार है? Options: 1) Uday Shankar उदय शंकर 2) Sonal Mansingh सोनल मानसंह 3) Amrita Shergill अमृता शेरगल 4) Yamini Kirshnamurthy यामनी कृणमूत


How many fundamental Rights are mentioned in Indian constitution? भारतीय संिवधान मिकतनेमौिलक अिधकार उेखत ह? Options: 1) Five पाँच 2) Six पाँच छह 3) Seven सात 4) Eight आठ

Correct Answer: sixThe Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens as follows: (i) right to equality, (ii) right to freedom, (iii) right against exploitation, (iv) right to freedom of religion, (v) cultural and educational rights, and (vi) r...Read more