Which tax causes a burden on the poorer section of the society? कौन सा कर समाज के गरीब श्रेणी के समुदाय� पर बोझ बनता है? Options: 1) Direct Tax प्र�य� कर 2) Indirect Tax अप्र�य� कर 3) Both Direct and Indirect Tax प्र�य� तथा अप्र�य� कर दोन� 4) None of these इनम� से कोई नहीं


How many fundamental Rights are mentioned in Indian constitution? भारतीय संिवधान मिकतनेमौिलक अिधकार उेखत ह? Options: 1) Five पाँच 2) Six पाँच छह 3) Seven सात 4) Eight आठ

Correct Answer: sixThe Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens as follows: (i) right to equality, (ii) right to freedom, (iii) right against exploitation, (iv) right to freedom of religion, (v) cultural and educational rights, and (vi) r...Read more