Which article was referred to as the 'the heart and soul' of the constitution by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar? डॉ. बी. आर. अ�बेडकर �ारा िकस अनु�छे द को संिवधान का '�दय व आ�मा' संदिभ�त िकया गया है? Options: 1) Article 4 अनु�छे द 4 2) Article 32 अनु�छे द 32 3) Article 28 अनु�छे द 28 4) Article 30 अनु�छे द 30


The Mahatma's Parsi connect

Gandhi Took Lessons of Ahimsa From Parsi LeadersThe nation remembered its Mahatma ­ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ­ on his 148th birth anniversary on Monday.Gandhi had great respect for people of all communities and religions, including the Zarthushtis ­ Pa...Read more

Improve your handwriting: Bapu's advice to students

Amrut Modi Compiles Bapu's Letters To ChildrenOut of 500odd letters written by Mahatma Gandhi between 1932 and 1945 to children and students from Sabarmati Ashram, over quarter of the letters have one constant advice improve handwriting! In the introduction of `Vidyart...Read more