The queen with the title Didda ruled over which part of India between 980 - 1003? दा नाम क रानी नेभारत केकस भाग पर 980-1003 तक शासन कया? Options: 1) Avadh अवध 2) Kashmir कमीर 3) Sindh सध 4) Bengal बंगाल


'Ace Against Odds' is an autobiography of which sports person? 'ऐस अगेट ऑज़' कस खलाड़ी क आमकथा है? Options: 1) Vishwanathan Anand ववनाथन आनंद 2) Sania Mirza सानया मज़ा 3) Abhinav Bindra अभनव ब ंा 4) Anjali Bhagwat अंजल भागवत

Correct Answer: Sania MirzaAce tennis star Sania Mirza has documented her journey to become the World No. 1 in the women’s doubles rankings in an autobiography set for release this July, according to publishers Harper Collins.Titled, ‘Ace Against Odds,&rsq...Read more