Pradhan Mantri Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (PMSSY)

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Launched: 22 January 2015

Main Objective: Secure the future of girl child Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is an ambitious small deposit savings scheme for a girl child. Under the scheme, a saving account can be opened in the name of girl child and deposits can be made for 14 years. After the girl reach 18 years of age, she can withdraw 50% of the amount for marriage or higher study purposes. After the girl completes 21 years of age, the maturity amount can be withdrawn including the interest at rates decided by Government every year. The investments and returns are exempt from section 80C of Indian income tax act. The maximum investment of Rs. 1.5 Lakh per year can be made while minimum deposit is Rs. 1000/- per year. In case of more than one girl child, parents can open another account on the different name but only for 2 girl child. Only exception is that the parents have twins and another girl child.

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Which actress has been awarded with 64th National film Awards 2017? कस अभनेी को 64 वराय फम परकार ु 2017 सेसमानत कया गया है? Options: 1) Surabhi CM सरभी ु सी एम 2) Tapasee Pannu तापसी पनू 3) Trisha Krishnan तषा ृ कृणन 4) Anushka Shetty अनका ु शेी

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Who was the founder of the Ghadar Party? गदर पाट के संथापक कौन थे? Options: 1) Basant Kumar Biswas बसंत कु मार िवास 2) Sohan Singh Bhakna सोहन िसंह भाकना 3) Ram Prasad Bismil राम साद िबल 4) Bhagat Singh भगत िसंह

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Swayam Prabha

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Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritwa Abhiyan provides facility of free health check-up and required treatment on _____ day of every month. धानमंी सरत ु मातवृ अभयान येक मास के _____ दन न:शकु वाय जांच तथा अपेत इलाज क सवधा ु दान करता है। Options: 1) 1st पहले 2) 9th नौव 3) 15th पंहव 4) 30th तीसव

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Correct Answer: The Sayyids The Sayyid dynasty had the fourth dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, with four rulers ruling from 1414 to 1451. Founded by a former governor of Multan, they succeeded the Tughlaq dynasty and ruled the sultanate...Read more