UJWAL Discom Assurance Yojana (UDAY)

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Launched: 20 November 2015Main Objective: To obtain operational and financial turnaround of State owned Power DistributionCompanies (DISCOMs).The Scheme aims to reduce the interest burden, reduce the cost of power, reduce power losses inDistribution sector, and improve operational efficiency of DISCOMs.Official Website:

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__________ says that if we keep increasing the employment of an input, with other inputs fixed, eventually a point will be reached after which the resulting addition to output (i.e., marginal product of that input) will start falling. _________ कहता हैक अगर हम कसी आगत के योग मवृ करतेह, जब अय आगत थर ह, तो एक समय के बाद ऐसी थत आयेगी क ात होनेवाला अतर आगत (जैसेआगत का सीमांत उपाद) म गरावट आनेलगेगी। Options: 1) Law of diminishing marginal product ासमान सीमांत उपाद नयम 2) Law of variable proportions परवत अनुपात नयम 3) The Short Run अपकाल 4) The Long Run दघकाल

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attack on titan ending 2 theory/ BREAKDOWN

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