Kannada Poet Kuvempu And His Contribution To Education In Kannada

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NEW DELHI:  Google dedicated its doodle to Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa or as he is popularly known, to Kuvempu.  Kuvempu is a Kannada author who is widely regarded as the greatest Kannada Poet of the 20th century. He is also one of the first among Kannada Writers to be awarded the prestigious Jnanapith Award. He wrote the Kannada Naadageete "Jaya Bharatha jananiya tanujathe, jaya hai Karnataka mate". He is alos credited with reviving the era of epic poetry. 

Kuvempu studied at the Mysore University and then moved on to teach there for 3 decades. He began as a lecturer of Kannada language at the Maharajas College in Mysore in 1929. Then he worked as an assistant professor in the Central college, Bangalore from 1936. 

He then re-joined Maharajas college in Mysore in 1946 as a professor and went on to become the principal of the Maharajas college in 1955. In 1956 he was selected as the Vice-Chancellor of Mysore University where he served till retirement in 1960. 

He strongly advocated Kannada as a medium of instruction in education institutes. He founded the Kannada Adhyayana Samsthe ("Institute of Kannada Studies") in the Mysore University.  It was in recognition to his efforts  that the Institute of Kannada Studies in Mysore University was renamed Kuvempu Institute of Kannada studies in 1994. The institute celebrated its Golden Jubilee in December 2016. 

It is an indication of his contribution to Kannada literature as well as popularizing education in Kannada, that a University named after him was established in 1987. The Kuvempu University is a state university which has attained a distinctive academic and cultural profile in the short span of time since its establishment. 

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