6 Important services for aware in Luxury Hotel Rooms Should have.

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Hotel is luxuries place for staying. while going to tour and some Business Purposes. then we should make sure the hotel is properly clean and check some important thing while you go to the hotel.

we are talking about 6 important things in a luxury hotel room which we use on our body.  

1. Water Glass :
   If you staying in Hotel Rooms. So you care about water glass. water glass is important things for health. you make sure water glass is properly washed with soap. because housekeeper is not washed water glass with soap. he is directly going to bath basin and wash the glass and can dry with toilet paper. So you can order for new freshwater glass in the hotel.

2.  Towels :

    The towel is Important role play in the hotel rooms bathroom. we have used a towel with a different purpose for hand dry and body dry. but the towel used in different places like the bath basin, toilet seat, shoe cleaner and other different areas like poo clean. which were a man living earlier. So I think we can carry own towel when we are looking Hotel. 

3. Blanket :

A blanket is a useful thing when we are going to sleep. but we know that the blanket is clean or not. actually many people and children use blanket during the sleep. and they can perform urine and other things. hotel not always give a dry clean blanket. So we can care about this.

4. Toilet Paper :

we know about toilet paper. but the actual use of toilet paper is water glass drier by the housekeeper. 

5. Soap : 

we use soap for bathing and for hand wash. In Hotel we should take new soap for bathing for an order to the housekeeper. because this used in some private area in the body which man lived earlier and this soap can carry bacteria. So we can use fresh soap while we are living in the hotel.

6. Comb :

A comb is an important thing which uses after some time. We should care about the comb if we are in the hotel. we shouldn't use comb which man lived earlier. because this comb can be used in the different area in a body. So we always order new comb while we are living in the hotel.

All six facts are helpful for you and also can avoid some bacteria. 

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