4 Travels Difference between Friends Vs Family

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Traveling is the most interesting things for his life and can memorable for a long time or till remember whenever to meet with them. but with all things can best perform with friends and less with the family. because they are physically and emotionally attached with us. So today we are talking about some interesting traveling things with friends and families. Stay connected.

1. Travels with money

 with friends :

 we feel always energetic with friends when we are going to travel. Because we are the focus on more fun with less spending money so whenever we are running with legs for the short area as compared to take transportation. like mountain climbing and many more things with the friends. with going to travel we can focus on public transportation as compared to private transport. that is more enjoyable and less money spent.

 with family :

 when we are going to travel with families. we got more comfort because all are not of the same age. with the family, we don't care about money because comfort is mandatory with the family. we are the focus on private transportation.

2. Adventures in Travels

 with friends :

with the friends, we have no any restriction to going pub and drinking alcohol. we are always doing some adventure things for making the impression with friends. like skydiving, mountain jumping...etc.

with families :

 with the families, we have held more restriction when we are going to travel with families are working on discipline. they are not giving permission for doing some adventures things. 

3.  Instant Plan Travels

 with friends :

we go free and easy, all plan instantly when we going to travel.

with families :

with the families, each plans already decided from home when we going to travel.

4. for night travel plan

 with friends :

when we want to stay the night with friends we are a focus on makes camping as compare to hotel. because they less spending money as compare to hotel.

with families :

when we are going to travel we choose more comfort with the family. we do not compromise with hotels and rooms.

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