who is the next PM of India in the 2019 election

Posted by bhavishya kumar at 05 Oct 18 23:06:56pm Views: 565

 It is hard to predict for who is next prime minister for the 2019 election. but it depends on the situation and current scenario of that time. first of all, we are considering that what the public wants? and what they got? India growing with drastically manner. It is completely focused to connect with globalization. we can say that Indian economic growth more extended compared to previous decades. In this time India continuously growing in the infrastructure sector and build smart cities. Clean India movement is appreciable thought for India. clean India is helpful for public health and India will also get the support to grow the tourism sector in India. stand-up and start-up India is the best initiative for making the Indian entrepreneur. An entrepreneur generates more employment in India. these all cheerful factors for the growth of India. if we see the all current scenario all are growth are goes to work. but today people unemployed they are not depends on future they wont to do work at the present and get sleep with eating the healthy diet on that day. they cannot wait for the future. still, youths are unemployed. for surviving, Every person wants to full fill his basic need such employment, house, salary, clothes, water, electricity, food....etc. this all basic needs of common man for spending his life. Every government has five years to serve for the country. during this time the government has a big initiative to serve for the country. and at this time depends on the government that how long they think about nation and public of this nation. when the government comes to again participate for election after the five years then opposition find the loophole of the government and will present towards the public. For every democratic country, the public is an important Role-play for making government. Due to change lifestyle of people are comparing itself with others. So do not get the job in the same position with and they are not going to work with a low salary.

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