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इस बजरंग बाण को आप सुन, लिख व पड़ भी सकते हो - सम्पूर्ण बजरंग बाण - हनुमान जी प्रमुख मंत्र #Parbhushribalaji


Palese ????Like And Share???? ❤Subscribe❤ what is religion ? And who is the religion? Hello Friends you most welcome #PARBHU SHRI BALAJI" Guy's It is the divine speech in which the whole life is the essence and the basis. Who am I? What is this body? What is my end and end with this body? Will my existence remain after the sacrifice of the body? Where and in what form will this existence be? What is the reason for coming into my world? What will happen after I abandon my body, where will I go? In the heart of any curious, these things keep roaming continuously. We always think about these things and do not know ourselves, our nature That's why I created this channel for you

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