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Can Drinking Tea (of All Things) Really Help You Lose Weight?

Is There Really a Relationship Between Drinking a Certain Tea & Losing Weight? ...Read more

My Blasian Wedding on the Odyssey Boat Cruise in the alluring Washington DC

Please join us on our special day as we embark on our journey together to realize the possibilities life has to offer and the blessings that comes along the way.  We hope our video inspires you and warms your heart and brings you joy. ...Read more

What's up fellow Outlaws? Red dead redemption content in here :)

I just made easy $100 dollars in red dead redemption 2 from bounty hunting a guy named Lindsey Wofford. If you guys can check out my rdr2 gameplay it'd be so much help! Even a single view counts since I'm a very small YouTuber!! ...Read more

Gaming with fun

Hi,guys I am running a channel and I am really wanted to give as better content as I can to my viewers.But nowadays gaming is not only a timepass for youth.its becoming a huge platform,which is giving many opportunities and can become the future of many lives.i am struggling with my viewers so ba...Read more

10 Scientific facts about Plants / Edewcate Virus

Here are Ten Scientific Facts about plants... SUBSCRIBE US.. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google plus: https://plus...Read more

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In 1528, __________ defeated the Rajputs at Chanderi Options: 1) Humayun 2) Akbar 3) Jahangir 4) Babur

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Who is the author of the book titled 'Selection Day'? 'सेलेशन डे' नामक कताब के लेखक/लेखका कौन है? Options: 1) Aravind Adiga अरव ंद अडगा 2) Anil Menon अनल मेनन 3) Krishna Sobti कृणा सोबती 4) Arunava Sinha अणव स ंहा

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What is the other name of Galileo's law of falling bodies? गैलीलयो के गरतेशरीर के नयम को और कस नाम सेजाना जाता है? Options: 1) Law of motion गत का नयम 2) Newton's first law यूटन का पहला नयम 3) Newton's second law यूटन का सरा नयम 4) Newton's third law यूटन का तीसरा नयम

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What is full form of BOD? बी.ओ.डी. का असंत प या है? Options: 1) Biological Oxygen Deficit बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डेफसट 2) Biological Oxygen Difference बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डफरेस 3) Biological Oxygen Demand बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डमांड 4) Biological Oxygen Distribution बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डयशनू

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With which country India exchanged its border maps? भारत नेकस देश के साथ अपनेसीमा मानच क अदला-बदल क थी? Options: 1) China चीन 2) Sri Lanka ीलंका 3) Pakistan पाकतान 4) Bangladesh बांलादेश

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Who gave the slogan 'Back to the Vedas (Vedo ki aur lauto)'? 'वेदो क ओर लौटो' का नारा कसनेदया था? Options: 1) Guru Nanank Dev Ji गु नानक देव जी 2) Dayanand Saraswati दयानंद सरवती 3) Swami Vivekananda वामी ववेकानंद 4) Raja Ram Mohan Roy राजा राम मोहन रॉय

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Which one of the following is a bad Thermal Conductor? Options: 1) Aluminium 2) Copper 3) Glass 4) Silver

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With which of the following body organ is 'pace-maker' associated? िनिलखत मसेकौन सेअंग से ‘पेस मेकर’ संबंिधत है? Options: 1) Liver लीवर 2) Brain म 3) Heart दय 4) Lungs फे फड़े

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Which type of forests majorly comprises of lichens and mosses? कस कार केवन मुयतः शैवाल तथा काई सेबनेहोतेह? Options: 1) Taiga forests टैगा वन 2) Tundra forests टुा वन 3) Temperate mixed forests समशीतोण वन 4) Tropical ever green forests उणकटबंधीय सदाबहार

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Which among the following has segmented body? ननलखत मसेकसका शरीर सर सेपूँछ तक खंडत होता है? Options: 1) Phylum Mollusca मोलका (चूणावार) जात 2) Phylum Arthopoda सधपाद जात 3) Phylum Annelida वलयन जात 4) Phylum Coelenterata आंतरगुही (नडेरया) जात

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