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Complete Ethical Hacking Practical Lab

Hello All Dear Readers, This is Best Video For Who wants learn Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing.It is totally free and practical video demonstration.this is only lab video no voice include. Watch complete video and become a master in Ethical Hacking. Thanks fo...Read more

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Soil having high content of aluminum and iron oxide is also known as _____. अुमीिनयम तथा आयरन ऑाइड के अिधक माा वाली मृदा को _____ भी कहतेहै। Options: 1) meadow soil चारागाह मृदा 2) pedalfer soil पेडलफर मृदा 3) chernozen soil चनजेम मृदा 4) podzol soil पॉडजॉल मृदा

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Which of the following is geographically closet to Great Nicobar? 1., Sumatra 2., Borneo 3., Java 4., Sri Lanka

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The ________ curve represents the demand of all consumers in the market taken together at different levels of the price of the good. Options: 1) monotonic 2) indifferent 3) market demand 4) diminishing

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What is the purpose of ‘evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (eLISA)’ project? 1., To detect neutrinos 2., To detect gravitational waves 3., To detect the effectiveness of missile defence system 4., To study the effect of solar flares on our communication systems

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Snakes, turtle, lizards and crocodiles falls under which category of animals? Options: 1) Pisces 2) Amphibian 3) Reptilian 4) Aves

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Gravitational force is maximum at which of the following place? ननलखत मसेकस थान पर गुवाकषण बल सबसेअधक है? Options: 1) At equator भमय ू रेखा पर 2) At tropic of cancer कक रेखा पर 3) At tropic of Capricorn मकर रेखा पर 4) At poles वु रेखा पर

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Which of the following is not a component of Smog? Options: 1) Volatile organic compounds 2) Nitrogen Oxide 3) Sulphur dioxide 4) Chlorine oxide

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The latitude which passes through Sikkim also passes through _____. सकम सेगुजरनेवाला अांश _____ सेभी गुजरता है। Options: 1) Haryana हरयाणा 2) Rajasthan राजथान 3) Uttarakhand उराखड 4) Himachal Pradesh हमाचल देश

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Gramin (Renamed from Indira Awas Yojana)

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Synapse gap is present between which of the following? ननलखत मकसके मय सनेस अंतराल थत होता है? Options: 1) Two neurons दो तंका कोशका 2) Brain and Spinal Cord मतक तथा मेरजु 3) Two Kidneys दो गुद 4) None of these इनमसेकोई नह

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