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Complete Ethical Hacking Practical Lab

Hello All Dear Readers, This is Best Video For Who wants learn Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing.It is totally free and practical video demonstration.this is only lab video no voice include. Watch complete video and become a master in Ethical Hacking. Thanks fo...Read more

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Which tax causes a burden on the poorer section of the society? कौन सा कर समाज के गरीब श्रेणी के समुदाय� पर बोझ बनता है? Options: 1) Direct Tax प्र�य� कर 2) Indirect Tax अप्र�य� कर 3) Both Direct and Indirect Tax प्र�य� तथा अप्र�य� कर दोन� 4) None of these इनम� से कोई नहीं

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Which amongst the following is not a Cation? Options: 1) Aluminium ion 2) Copper ion 3) Sulphate ion 4) Zinc ion

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What is full form of BOD? बी.ओ.डी. का असंत प या है? Options: 1) Biological Oxygen Deficit बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डेफसट 2) Biological Oxygen Difference बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डफरेस 3) Biological Oxygen Demand बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डमांड 4) Biological Oxygen Distribution बायोलॉिजकल ऑसीजन डयशनू

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Which of the following has maximum diurnal temperature difference? ननलखत मसेकसका दैनक तापमान मअंतर सवाधक होता है? Options: 1) Desert मथल 2) Mountains पवत 3) Plateau पठार 4) Ocean महासागर

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Which of the following device is best suited for measuring the temperature inside metallurgical furnaces? ननलखत मसेकौन सा यं धातुभय के अंदर के तापमान को मापनेकेलए सबसेउचत है? Options: 1) Pyrometer पाइरोमीटर 2) Thermocouple थमकपल 3) Thermometer थमामीटर 4) Thermistor थमटर

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Which of the following was a leader of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army founded in 1928? Options: 1) Khudiram Bose 2) Bhagat Singh 3) Chandra Shekhar Azad 4) Subhash Chandra Bose

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Land covers about ______ of the earth's surface. । Options: 1) 20% 2) 30% 3) 35% 4) 40%

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Synapse gap is present between which of the following? ननलखत मकसके मय सनेस अंतराल थत होता है? Options: 1) Two neurons दो तंका कोशका 2) Brain and Spinal Cord मतक तथा मेरजु 3) Two Kidneys दो गुद 4) None of these इनमसेकोई नह

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The market structure called monopoly exists where there is exactly ______ seller in any market. Options: 1) One 2) Two 3) Five 4) Ten

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Opposite the micropylar end, is the __________, representing the basal part of the ovule. बीजांडारी िसरेके ठीक िवपरीत __________ होता है, जो बीजांड के आधारी भाग का ितिनध करता है। Options: 1) hilum नािभका 2) funicle बीजांडवृंत 3) chalaza िनभाग 4) nucellus बीजांडकाय

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