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What is the purpose of ‘evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (eLISA)’ project? 1., To detect neutrinos 2., To detect gravitational waves 3., To detect the effectiveness of missile defence system 4., To study the effect of solar flares on our communication systems

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Which of the following is not a component of Smog? Options: 1) Volatile organic compounds 2) Nitrogen Oxide 3) Sulphur dioxide 4) Chlorine oxide

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The latitude which passes through Sikkim also passes through _____. सकम सेगुजरनेवाला अांश _____ सेभी गुजरता है। Options: 1) Haryana हरयाणा 2) Rajasthan राजथान 3) Uttarakhand उराखड 4) Himachal Pradesh हमाचल देश

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Which among the following is an example of solid sol? ननलखत मसेकौन एक ठोस सोल का एक उदाहरण है? Options: 1) Milk of magnesia मैनीशया मक 2) Foam फोम 3) Coloured gemstones रंगीन (रन) पथर 4) Rubber रबर

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Which Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution prohibits trafficking, forced labour, and children working under 14 years of age? Options: 1) Right to Equality 2) Right to Freedom 3) Right against Exploitation 4) Right to Freedom of Religion

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Snakes, turtle, lizards and crocodiles falls under which category of animals? Options: 1) Pisces 2) Amphibian 3) Reptilian 4) Aves

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Gramin (Renamed from Indira Awas Yojana)

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Consider the C' code fragment given below. typedef struct node int data; node* next; 1 node; void join(ncAP* m, node* n) { node* p = n; while(p—>next != NULL) p = p—>next; } p—>next = m; } Assuming that m and n point to valid NULL-terminated linked lists. invocation of join will.

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Synapse gap is present between which of the following? ननलखत मकसके मय सनेस अंतराल थत होता है? Options: 1) Two neurons दो तंका कोशका 2) Brain and Spinal Cord मतक तथा मेरजु 3) Two Kidneys दो गुद 4) None of these इनमसेकोई नह

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What is the literal meaning of the term "Quo-Warranto"? 'अधकार-पृछा' शद का शदक अथया है? Options: 1) We command परमादेश 2) To forbid वजत करना 3) By what authority (or) warrant कस अधकार से 4) None of these इनमसेकोई नह

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