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Which of the following instrument is used to measure Soil Water Tension? Options: 1) Photometer 2) Pyrometer 3) Psychrometer 4) Tensiometer

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What is the name of the court poet of King Harshavardhana? राजा हषवधन के दरबारी कव कौन थे? Options: 1) Tulsidas तुलसीदास 2) Banabhatta बाणभ 3) Surdas सूरदास 4) Raskhan रसखान

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Movement along the supply curve is known as ______ . Options: 1) Contraction of supply 2) Expansion of supply 3) Increase in supply 4) Expansion and contraction of supply

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Land covers about ______ of the earth's surface. । Options: 1) 20% 2) 30% 3) 35% 4) 40%

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Sandstone is which type of rock? Options: 1) Calcareous Rock 2) Igneous Rock 3) Metamorphic Rock 4) Sedimentary Rock

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The book "Azad Bachpan ki Aur" is written by which author? 'आज़ाद बचपन की ओर' नामक पुक िकस लेखक ारा िलखी गई है? Options: 1) Kailash Satyarthi कै लाश साथ 2) Radhakant Bharti राधाकांत भारती 3) Dipak Misra दीपक िमा 4) Subhash Chandra सुभाष च

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Which of the following was a leader of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army founded in 1928? Options: 1) Khudiram Bose 2) Bhagat Singh 3) Chandra Shekhar Azad 4) Subhash Chandra Bose

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Xiaomi Launches WhatsApp-Based Service for Mi Fans in India

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Recently there was a proposal to translocate some of the lions from their natural habitat in Gujarat to which one of the following sites? (a) Corbett National Park (b) Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary (c) Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (d) Sariska National Park

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Which of the following bonds are weakest in nature? ननलखत मसेसबसेकमज़ोर बंध कौन सा है? Options: 1) Single bond एकल बंध 2) Double bond दोहरा बंध 3) Triple bond तहरा बंध 4) Hydrogen bond हाइोजन बंध

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