Which organisation monitors the banks in actually maintaining cash balance? कौन सी संथा नज़र रखती हैिक बक वाव मनकद शेष बनाए ए है? Options: 1) State Bank of India भारतीय ेट बक 2) Reserve Bank of India भारतीय रज़वबक 3) Grameen Bank of India भारतीय ामीण बक 4) None of these इनमसेकोई नही ं


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In which city is the Forest Research Institute of India located? भारतीय वानक संथान भारत केकस शहर मथत है? Options: 1) New Delhi नई दली 2) Hyderabad हैदराबाद 3) Dehradun देहरान 4) Shimla शमला

Correct Answer: DehradunThe Forest Research Institute (FRI) is an institute of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education and is a premier institution in the field of forestry research in India. It is located at Dehradun inUttarakhand,...Read more