In MICR, what does 'I' stands for? MICR केअसंत प म 'I' का या अथहै? Options: 1) Interactive संवादामक 2) Information सूचना 3) Ink याह (इंक) 4) Instruction नदश


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What is the minimum distance (in metres) required to hear an echo? ितिन सुननेके िलए ूनतम दू री (मीटर म) िकतनी होनी चािहए? Options: 1) 10 2) 13 3) 17 4) 21

Correct Answer: 17The velocity of sound in dry air is approximately 343 m/s at a temperature of 25 °C. Therefore, the reflecting object must be more than 17.2m from the sound source for echo to be perceived by a person located at the source....Read more